$75 PinkBlush Gift Card [GIVEAWAY]

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Pregnancy…….prenatal yoga-diva days, hips don’t hurt, rocking that bump in style, natural glow, and being an Olympian water-consumer days.

Pregnancy……why-can’t-my-butt-fit-into-these-underwear?! days, baby appendages jammed into ribs, brain fried at 10 am, feel like crap and unhinged emotionally days.

This journey has been a beautiful, hard world of contradictions!

One thing I have learned (for myself) is not to pass up an opportunity to feel like a pregnancy goddess, because girl, yo’ body is doing amazing things! Sometimes that just means brushing my hair. And sometimes that means wearing a gorgeous, feet-sweeping, turquoise dress.

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I could seriously live in this dress from PinkBlush! If you haven’t heard of this family-owned company before prepare to swoon over some majorly fashionable maternity clothes. I adore how easily this maxi-dress can be styled up or down – which is the “vibe” of so much of their collection. In general, I like building my wardrobe on pieces that have a range of wearability, and that’s especially true for my maternity wardrobe. Multi-use, well-made, flattering, comfortable and chic, please. And PinkBlush delivers.

Today I am SO EXCITED to be partnering with them to bring you the opportunity to win a $75 gift card to anything off their site (which includes maternity AND non-maternity styles)!


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(2) Tag 2 friends (or more for additional entries) in separate comments on the giveaway photo! That’s it!

Giveaway will be open until Friday, April 22nd, and the winner will be announced in the comments section of the original Instagram giveaway photo by 9 pm EDT.



necklace: (same) kohls

maternity sash: (same) Kenna Bridal Maternity (etsy)

diaper bag: Bumble Bee Bliss (etsy)

Middle Dune GIVEAWAY!


After all-day sickness had solidly set in, miserable nausea and generally feeling like crap….it was difficult to feel excited about pregnancy. Instead it just felt like my body failing me. I had no cute bump (and wouldn’t for weeeeeeeks lol), no knowledge of what lay ahead me. It was hard to connect the dots emotionally to the fact that a BRAND NEW LIFE was growing inside me.

That all changed.

With a heart beat. Continue reading

3 Tips for Applying Facial Oils for Maximum Benefits

3tipsforapplying facialoils_olexalovenumberoneThis has 100% changed how my skin reacts to oils! An oil I was using a month before which broke me out and did nothing “extra” for my skin texture or tone suddenly was leaving my skin supple, balanced, soothed and NOT breaking out. I just apply two drops after washing my face when my skin is still damp or, alternatively, spray my face with a facial mist (I like pure aloe or rose water) to dampen. This application will also ensure NO tugging on the skin and the oil will hold that extra water on the skin and help the skin to rebalance itself faster. Continue reading

My Favorite Haircare Product

I haven’t loved my hair this much…maybe ever. It’s the longest it’s ever been, healthy and <gasp> shiny! Some of that love comes with the territory of growing older, and finally learning to “work with what I’ve got” instead of languishing after something else. And as I reminisce on my hair and my relationship through the years, oh the things I’ve done to it, the experiments I’ve tried, the fights I’ve had, and it makes it all the MORE surprising what item has become my number one favorite product.  

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Current Wishlist | 01

For whatever reason I’m drawn to reading peoples’ “wishlist” posts. Maybe for the fact that no money is involved so there are no bounds to exploring and inspiration.

This isn’t a “shopping list,” but rather a collection of items I’ve discovered which have piqued my interest.
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DIY Honey Facial Cleanser


After experimenting with a few different store bought “gentle” facial cleansers my skin was left as a dry, irritated, acne-filled, enlarged pored mess. So, I did what I always do and concoct a DIY cleanser tailored to my skin’s immediate needs which was calming it down (not stripping any of my skins natural oil-barrier) but also highly antibacterial to aid with the rampant, unhappy acne.

SIDE NOTE: I suggest for anyone, not just people with sensitive or dry skin, to beware of stripping products. Messing with your skins natural acid mantle can lead to overly oily skin, dry skin, acne, sensitive skin, dermatitis and premature aging. (read more about what the acid mantle is and why it’s important) Continue reading