Happy Weekend: Link Love #1


Last night I saw Brandi Carlile, I pressed forward in my seat to soak up all of the music-atmosphere washing over me, her beautiful, raw voice and heart-deep lyrics. Live performances have this electricity to them, maybe it’s the aliveness, the humanness.

Hearing her sing out The Story  into the hushed auditorium affected me in a way I hadn’t anticipated. I first heard the song coming through stereo of my old 88′ Chevy pickup driving home as a bright-eyed freshman in college. It had captivated me entirely. As the last notes faded my feet were already hitting the concrete of a store parking lot I had pulled into and I impulsively (intuitively?) bought her CD right then and there.

I listened to that album throughout my college years. But I hadn’t realized how deeply the song The Story had knit itself to my heart until I heard her singing it last night. It was a strangely spiritual experience, old feelings, old memories, pieces of me, tied to all the times I had listened to that song. There are a handful of songs that do that to me. Do you have any songs that pull at you? I’d love to hear what they are!

Links for Weekend Reading:

– Trying to get more into the world of documentaries and this list of the 10 Best Docs on Netflix looks fantastic!

– Keeping these surprising tips on  10 Things Not to Do in Paris …you know, should I ever be there!

– Perfect for winter time: 5 Simple Soups in a Blender

– Here are 20 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. Most interesting? Her tip to NOT meal plan!!

– This hairstyle (yay tutorials!)

– 5 Ways You are Unknowningly Destorying Your Husband and Killing Your Marriage – great list to check your heart and priorities as a wife – or as a husband!

– This was such a beautiful, raw post on grieving: love & loss

– Sprucing up the corners of my house with these 20 Gorgeous House Plants That Can Take Full Shade

– Good saying to remember


Have a happy weekend, lovelies! xx

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