3 Easy Snow Day Activities


I nanny.

That sentence could be followed by a myriad of things! But one of them is that it means I am constantly tapping into my creative side – especially on a day where I am surprised (or maybe not so surprised) upon shaking off my boots/coats/mittens/body in the foyer to find I am not caring for my (usual) one charge, but all four due to a snow day and no school. Here are 3 super easy, very-few-items-needed, lengthy-entertainment activities that I used that day:


snow dayAll you need is: heavy paper (I used cardboard), glue, table salt, little brushes and of course food coloring. This was a helpful activity for entertaining various ages because the design work can be as basic or as intricate as their hearts’ desire. They also loved watching the food coloring drops splay into the clear water and mixing custom colors.


DSC_2652If you’ve never made oobleck get that water and cornstarch out! It is goo that behaves like a solid or a liquid depending on how much pressure is applied to it. You can scrunch it into a ball, release the pressure and it will flow like water through your fingers. The technical term is “non-Newtonian liquid” the non technical term is watch-them-totally-captivated-for-an-hour-or-two. I let them each pick two different colors and so get the added interest of mixing the two goos together.
Processed with VSCOcam


SnowArt_900_rdax_600x400_90OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2015-02-03 15.35.59 Water + food color +snow = the world is your canvas!


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