What’s In My Purse

Also known as…

Also known as, “It’s Time to Clean My Purse Out.” But, since I had to go through everything anyway, and, as I love a good voyeuristic post (and maybe you do too), I thought I’d share the contents of my purse – unedited except that I left out the trash/receipts 😉

wimp_olexalove (1)

1) In the bottom of my purse you will always find a measuring tape –this one’s great because it’s light -for the purpose of measuring items (tables/picture frames/shelves/etc) while at thrift stores so I can know if they’ll fit the spaces I need. Fun fact: there actually isn’t a single newly-bought picture frame in my house!

2) Bach Rescue Remedy: a homeopathic tincture of flower essences for natural stress relief. Still testing this out to see what situations it is helpful in, but I do notice an affect (seems to diffuse stress, allow my mind to refocus, move on). A lot of people swear by it.

3) I love these sunglasses that I purchased from Charming Charlie for only $9!

4) I’ve started carrying a book with me because I’ve realized that I would rather use any “extra” time I have (i.e. sitting in a waiting room, etc.) to read. Getting on my phone/social media is my default…but why? I’m determined to change this. P.S. Only about 5 chapters into this book, but wow. Powerful stuff.

5) A DIY project I did a few years ago: book spine bookmark. (tutorial here)

wimp_olexalove (3)

6) My keys.

7) This is one of my favorite souvenirs: a pocket mirror handcrafted with antique lace on the back. I asked the woman behind the gift shop counter (which was in the basement of a small Lousianian plantation near New Orleans) if the woman who crafted the mirror “had a website, or a card with her name on it?” but she said no. Sad, I’ve always wanted to buy more as gifts.

8) Hand lotion from my local natural store that features an oil I know nothing about: dandelion oil! It’s made by Janet’s Dandi. I only recently bought it, so I can’t give a review yet.

9) Batman stamps! Still in my purse from a trip to the post office.

wimp_olexalove (2)

10) I like to keep all my membership/perks cards on a key ring not on my actual keys

11) Oh girl, these peppermint Ice Chips are da bomb. They’re sweetened with xylitol (cliff notes: does not promote tooth decay and is a low glycemic index sweetner) so I don’t feel as guilty eating them plus I enjoy their super unique texture. P.S. If peppermint doesn’t strike your fancy there are SO many flavors: pumpkin spice, coffee n’ cream, berry mix, lemon, ginger, margarita…to just name a few!

12) A comb: It’s not cute or exciting but it’s compact and light. #priorities

13) I can’t be without a microfiber lens cleaning cloth for when I’m wearing my glasses. This is just the one the optometrist gave me.

14) A fortune I found in the bottom of my purse: Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it.

15) Also discovered loose change in the bottom. #newpennyoldpenny

wimp_olexalove (4)

16) I am endeavoring to carry more protein-filled snacks with myself when I’m out. I really like plain pistachios but I recently bought this gomacro macrobar (vegan, gluten-free, organic, and sustainably sourced) to try.

17) my phone

18) I forgot this was still in my purse! Back story: For a couple weeks I drove a borrowed vehicle from my family which has a cassette player in it. So, of course I had to break out my old mix tapes! lol Which consist of snippets of movie soundtrack/scores. (My love of movie music goes waaaaay back folks!) It was both fun and embarrassing to rediscover what songs I had thought worthy to go on this tape.

wimp_olexalove (5)

19) headphones

20) Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (still in search of the perfect Michigan-winter-hardy lip balm)

21) Random hair tie. I love these kind -they seem so gentle on the hair.

22) The lip product that lives in my purse #1: Red Apple’s lipstick in Audrey.

23) The lip product that lives in my purse #2: Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic. (If you are interested in more details/color swatches of either I wrote more about them here)

24) Gloves. I really should shove these into my coat pockets not my purse. Oh well.

wimp_olexalove (7)

25) Oops. Forgot about this: Kroger card that I need to verify with my husband if it matches the one on his key chain.

26) So…I love the idea of jewelry but I’m really bad about keeping it on for longer than an hour. I’m constantly finding bracelets and earrings (that I took off halfway through an evening out) in the bottom of my purse. I leave necklaces on though! Does that make me a big girl?

27) An electronics charger…doesn’t do me much good without a cord though, does it?

28) Lactose pills. Seeing these fall out of my purse felt a little like seeing something from another era since I’ve had to cut out dairy completely. They’re still in my purse for “emergencies” (eating something only to find out there was dairy in it.) Though I am not convinced they ever did anything for me.

wimp_olexalove (6)

29) a pen, of course.

30) The sweetest winter wedding favor: a homemade hand warmer with a tag reading “To have & to hold, in case you get cold.”

31) I haven’t found a wallet that suits me yet, they’re all too bulky/heavy. So I just use this pretty zipper pouch from Aerie for the purpose.

32) I like keeping my bobby pins/hair elastics in a slider tin.

33) Polaroids


What’s something random that is always in your purse?


3 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse

    • I’m glad you think so! 🙂 The bar was deeeelish, but…I can’t abide to pay so much for packaged energy bars :/ Currently looking into DIY recipes to hopefully be more cost effective. Will report back!


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