My Current Hair Care Routine | Winter 2015

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I debated whether it would be “hip” to post a winter routine – given that it is March and most of the internet world is geeking over spring. But the fact is, my scalp/hair are still very much in winter-fuzzy-dry-land. Michigan’s weather is currently crunchy snow + muddle puddles + cool winds + sunshine (yay!) = winter hair care routine still going strong, ladies and gentlemen!

winter_haircare_olexalove (1)ย  (Yes…those are cat legs. My dear Talisker trying to get his debut on the internet)

Something you should know about me: I am a hair minimalist. The less I put into my hair the happier I am for a couple reasons:

  1. I’d rather spend my money on skincare/house stuff/other things.
  2. My hair is very fine in texture, and I’d classify it as “thin” even though I am quite happy with the amount I have, but those two facts mean the more I put into it the limper it’ll look in a few hours (key phrase here: “a few hours”.) Initially it might look stellar but a few hours (ahem, an hour, let’s be real) if I’ve put a lot of products into it –> limp, limp, limp
  3. I kind of want my hair/scalp to take care of itself, in the sense that using products can lead to dependency on other products. Hypothetical example: using dry shampoo to get volumized/lived-in texture every day leading to needing a clarifying shampoo twice a week, leading to hair drying out and so needing a deep repair conditioning mask, leading to limper hair, leading to using a root lifting mousse in addition to the dry shampoo leading to scalp irritation and dandruff leading to. . . you get the idea. Extreme example – or is it? I understand some folks’ hair will always need more maintenance (products) than, say, mine, so I’m not trying to say a specific number is better than another. I’m just saying….embracing your hair’s natural status quo and doing your research on harmful/quality ingredients can go a long way to minimizing anyone’s hair arsenal. That being said, if styling your hair is your happy place – by all means use all the products your heart desires! This is just my philosophy for my hair.
  4. I enjoy keeping it minimal – less clutter, less time, less extra.

Another fact about me: you may notice that styling products are lacking from the list below and it’s because I like to keep heat to minimum (I usually let my hair air dry, curl my hair maybe once a week) or, put another way, I am lazy ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, I am a HUGE fan of braids and heatless styles. (Side note: Kayley Melissaย is a girl with SO much talent and sweetness of heart from whom I gather basically all my hair inspiration from).

winter_haircare_olexalove (7)winter_haircare_olexalove (3) winter_haircare_olexalove (4)winter_haircare_olexalove (6)


Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Long*:ย Nothing has ever drawn me to the NYM line – not the name, not the packaging. I still am not sure why I grabbed it off the shelf other than desperation for something new. It is not as clean as I’d like it to be but it doesn’t have SLS or parabens which is something. I personally don’t love the scent (perfume-y fruit) but scent rarely deters me from a product if it works – which it does.

I have seen incredible results with this shampoo which claims to have essential vitamins, herbs and bioactive ingredients to keep your existing hair healthier/stronger and therefore grow longer faster.ย I have had little broken off wispies by my hairline since Nov (due to shampoo bar foray mentioned below) and they haven’t grown AT ALL until I started using this shampoo a month ago. They have now grown over a half inch! No other factor had changed, so the credit goes to NYM! In addition, this shampoo doesn’t way down my hair and is not tested on animals.

Home Health Psoriasis Medicated Shampoo*:ย In order to give you more info on my hair situation, this unsexy bottle has to be included. Three years ago my doctor diagnosed my super unhappy scalp with a fungus condition – sounds disgusting, I know, but it’s nontransferable to others and, even at its worst, the only visible evidence is what looks like dandruff.

On a day to day basis it’s not present – though I had a small flare up last Oct/Nov when I (for the second time) tried to use shampoo bars. And here lies the lasting effect: how sensitive my scalp is and how, sadly, though I have tried mightily to use various natural shampoo/conditioners they always result in the return of a unhappy scalp. (The list includes: The Morrocco Method shampoos, shampoo bars, natural cleansing conditioners, the no’poo method, DIY shampoos, couuuuuntless natural shampoo brands.)

This shampoo has some beautiful soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, and echinacea and is formulated for those with Psoriasis, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. It’s vegan, not tested on animals and so far is working exceptionally well. Though, since I only use it once a week/biweekly it’ll be a while before I can give a complete opinion of it.


Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Long*: This conditioner is a great balance of moisturization to keep split ends at bay while also not weighing down my hair. But its main uniqueness lies in something I can’t describe: that when I’m combing through my hair after shower, my hair feels…strengthened. I have had far less hair loss as well.


Healthy Sexy Hair: Soy-Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner*: Gonna be real…I would rather not use a conditioner or leave-in cond. with -cones in it but…persist as I might, my hair does better with -cones. Anyone else have this dilemma??ย But it detangles my hair perfectly, plus since using it my hair is SO shiny and soft (though some of this credit goes to coconut oil, see below)! Bonus: it smells diiivine and I get compliments all the time. Non-Bonus: it is FAR from being clean – so, if you have any greener suggestions, they would be appreciated!


Coconut oil: So…years ago I tried the whole coconut-oil-in-hair thing and was put off completely because in the shower I COULD. NOT. GET. IT. OUT. I shampoo/rinsed over 7 times, and at some point gave up. The result was frizzy, oily-but-dry, stringy, nasty feeling hair. What I have discovered is….I was using FAR too much. Take time to massage a small amount into your scalp and add more only as needed.


Wet Brush*: forget everything you know about taking care of wet hair. I wrote more about this brush in my 2014 Favorites, so head over there if you’re curious.


Ecogarden Botanical dry shampoo/volumizer:ย (not pictured) Another item I talked about in my Favorites post. The two ways I use this are to a) extend times between shampooing (TIP: if you can’t ever seem to skip a day washing your hair try applying dry shampoo at night before you go to bed, this will soak up oils all night long instead of applying the dry shampoo in the morning when it’s kind of like saving a sinking ship!) and b) to add volume to my hair or give my hair more hold for various hairstyles.


p.s. You may have noticed that the Chagrin Valley hair tea is not in this post, and that is because I am still testing it out. I had a really positive experience, then a rather negative one. I’m experimenting with ways of using it, and I want to give the most thorough, helpful review possible and not just toss something in this post prematurely. Probably too much of disclaimer, but there it is. sigh. ๐Ÿ˜‰



* This post includes affiliate links, all opinions are always 100% honest and my own. Proceeds go directly back into this blog.

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