Resurrection Sunday DIY Banner


This year it is hard to keep my heart remotely focused on Jesus and his last days leading up to the cross.

That wasn’t the sentence I was going to lead with, but as I scraped my soul for a “festive”, holy way to expound upon this DIY project I came up empty.

The paper letters I strung together formed words that weren’t coming from a triumphant abundance of joy for the resurrection. No, my heart has been lying pummeled on the ground, angry, tired, guilty. And the cross seemed like a symbol of my guilt that I couldn’t handle. But the words, LOVE HAS COME, LOVE HAS WON they forced me to look from myself and gaze on the cross and see not guilt, but love. The final say, already said.

The cross is solid enough for all my pain. But the resurrection is the hope I can cling to every moment.

And so this banner is my Ebeneezer, teach my heart to truly believe and truly understand these words, especially in this part of the liturgical year.



  • stencil
  • old book
  • magazines, or colored paper, or scrapbooking paper
  • glue/tape adhesive
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • string/twine/ribbon

NOTE: this banner can obviously spell out anything your heart desires, let your imagination go!


 1. Trace and cut out your letters.

This DIY was inspired 100% by a banner hung in a friend’s home. She used black paper to cut her letters from, and I was initially dismayed to find no black paper in my house. But….Anthropolgie and TOAST catalogs to the rescue!! I decided to cut my letters from textures and colors I was drawn to. However, you can use any paper your desire: glitter scrapbooking paper, colors to match a room, etc.


2. Cut out your pennants from old book pages. If desired, cut different portions/directions of the page to give more variation (i.e. some with the words going vertical, some toward the edge to include more white)

Once I decided on the size I used that paper as a template for the rest of the pennants. And to keep the bottom notch consistent I folded the pennant(s) in half and laid my first notched pennant (also folded in half) on top and used it as a cutting guide.

3. Glue each letter to a pennant and use a single hole punch to punch two holes at the top of the pennant.

4. String it up, yo! 




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