My Morning | In 5 Photos




Sit down for more than 15 seconds this is what happens, made my first ever juice (felt like I was cheating on my normal smoothie), aren’t they supposed to be 80/20 veg/fruit? I was too nervous, made it 60/40, next time #moreveggies // we enjoy the sunshine in this house: plants, cats & humans // unexpected event: call from my momma that “triplet lambs had been born, and was there anyway I could come help?”,Β stepping into the barn all my lambing knowledge flooded my brain like I’d been taking care of sheep yesterday, saved the life (through patience, work and prayers) of the lamb that was near death when I arrived, life is a beautiful thing. // hung out with my momma, drank rose tulsi tea, flipped through a beautiful home decorating book*, and (per my request) she flitted through songs on spotify giving me a “soundtrack quiz” // second check and feeding and then to home and my neglected to do list

Couldn’t help it, a couple more:



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