My Favorite YouTube Channels

I remember how I entered into the land of YouTube and discovered that it was more than music videos. I was sitting in the car, feet on the dashboard, windows rolled down, waiting for my husband to come out of Kroger from a quick grocery run.

My mascara was dead and I needed to purchase a new one but doing so had always felt like such a shot in the dark. So, for no apparent reason, I typed something about mascaras (don’t remember what) into YouTube and I stumbled across this video which I thought was adorable and quite entertaining (p.s. yes, I started watching Nikki Phillippi pre-blonde hair ;)) and I fell in love with a world that loved talking about beauty. skincare and lifestyle.

Here are six YouTubers who have been at the top of my favorites list for a long time:

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10 Reasons I love Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30 | A Review


This morning I noticed my bottle was nearing empty. It’s my second bottle, been using this same SPF moisturizer for a year now -and that shows true commitment on my end. Loyalty to products isn’t my strong suit – I like to roam 😉 Therefore, with a year under my belt, I think it’s time to share my thoughts. Continue reading

My Everyday Makeup | Spring Edition

Perhaps I should start with: my relationship with makeup is in the love/hate category.

I thoroughly enjoy how a brush-blend of blush can liven up the entire face, or how mascara can give an alluring definition to my eyes. But oh, how I dislike fighting with my eyeliner, or fastidiously getting the correct coverage of concealer, or “did I blend this eye shadow too high/not high enough??” And most of the time I can’t be bothered to reapply my lip color <makeup enthusiasts everywhere gasp> 😉

All that to say: I am a fan of the simple no-makeup makeup looks, and this spring-inspired, blush-hued look has been a favorite of mine recently.

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More Ginger! | Things You Should Know About Ginger


This post is brought to you by my mild (definition: mild, a word used to cloak what is, in actuality, something of massive proportions) sudden ginger obsession. I mean, I’ve always been okay with ginger. It’s there. It’s nice in some things. But lately I haven’t been able to get enough of its zingy-ness! And that’s okay, because ginger has some great health benefits: Continue reading