My Favorite YouTube Channels

I remember how I entered into the land of YouTube and discovered that it was more than music videos. I was sitting in the car, feet on the dashboard, windows rolled down, waiting for my husband to come out of Kroger from a quick grocery run.

My mascara was dead and I needed to purchase a new one but doing so had always felt like such a shot in the dark. So, for no apparent reason, I typed something about mascaras (don’t remember what) into YouTube and I stumbled across this video which I thought was adorable and quite entertaining (p.s. yes, I started watching Nikki Phillippi pre-blonde hair ;)) and I fell in love with a world that loved talking about beauty. skincare and lifestyle.

Here are six YouTubers who have been at the top of my favorites list for a long time:

Fullscreen capture 4212015 32436 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 4212015 32931 PM.bmp 1Cloudy Apples: This girl. The heart, the candor, the intelligence, the creativeness. Not gonna lie, when a new video from her pops up, I stop what I’m doing and watch it. Her content ranges anywhere from: skincare, to artsy projects, to healthy recipes to chatty (ranty) topic videos. She’s also into green, clean beauty and skincare which I appreciate.
Fullscreen capture 4212015 34829 PM.bmp 2I don’t mind from time to time watching the bubbly, big name, heavily-sponsored, teen-oriented YouTubers but, in my opinion they can lack a sense of elegance and maturity. These days I really appreciate the YouTubers who are my age or a little older like: MakeupTIA. She has this joyful ease about her and her videos whisk me away into her world of spa nights, higher end skincare products, meals made from gorgeous cookbooks, and “Get Ready with Me” makeup tutorials for date nights or brunches with girlfriends. I appreciate the way she reviews items as well, I always feel I have a pretty good understanding of a product and how it might work for me after listening to her.

Fullscreen capture 4212015 33729 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 4212015 34033 PM.bmp

3Kayley Melissa is who I turn to for continual hair inspiration and know-how. Whether I’m going to on a picnic with friends or I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding I know I can find something on her channel and she has great variety: both quick/simple/I-only-have-5-minutes hair or more complicated looks inspired by Game of Thrones characters or Disney princesses. Plus, she has an adorable personality, is a fantastic teacher, and she loves braids.

Fullscreen capture 4212015 34436 PM.bmp

4One of the things I appreciate most about holistic habits‘ videos is how informative she is whether talking about plant hydrosols, how to reduce anxiety, or the benefits of turmeric. I like to think of myself as fairly well versed in many of the areas she covers, but I always come away learning something from her. She shares a lot of natural skincare, holistic healing and unique (often vegan) recipes. I always find myself in a better mood after watching her videos.

Fullscreen capture 4212015 35042 PM.bmp

5Essie Button has been a long time favorite of mine, but to be honest her content can be a little hit or miss for me. Drugstore hauls/makeup/skincare isn’t of interest to me for several reasons, and I don’t learn much from her makeup tutorials BUT her laid back humor, doesn’t-take-herself-too-seriously (endearing) demeanor, and life-loving personality is simply the best! I enjoy seeing a sliver of her life: what she’s been liking to cook lately, where she travels, etc (her vlogs are quite entertaining). Secretly I want to be BFFs 😉

Fullscreen capture 4212015 40347 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 4212015 35913 PM.bmp 6Claire Marshall: Aesthetic, talent and time are put into every one of her videos and it shows. I love watching what she creates because she exudes sophistication and edginess (in interesting combo). Even “typical” YouTube videos such as “What’s In My Purse” she puts her own spin on which makes her content “fresh” to watch. Her style (in all sense of the word) and life are so different from mine and that’s perhaps why I enjoy her so much.

Are you into watching YouTube? Who are some of your favorites??


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