Life Update + An Unusual Way to Relax

Currently my Tesla is insistent on placing herself directly on my lap, draping her cat chin, paws, body on as much real-estate of arms/hands as she can manage. This is making typing (or even reaching my laptop) rather difficult but I’ve sat down to write a life update. So I shall try. <update: put her by my feet, she has returned>DSC_0218

I fear you’ve been neglected, you space, you corner of the internet, you blog. I don’t feel connected to you yet, so getting an email saying “OLEXALOVE your followers want to hear from you!” merely sent a mixture of astrigent-guilt, phlegmatic-shrugging, and sarcastic-scoffing through me, and I closed the email and promptly tried to get through the week ahead. (Clarification: this comes from still being unconvinced that my voice has a place on the internet, not because I don’t appreciate you follower-friends!)

<Update: her brother has settled on my feet, warm and curled> Things that have been occupying my mind/energy/time/heart:

Fullscreen capture 5152015 101103 AM.bmp

No complaining here. It’s just that life has felt a little like a balloon under a charging water faucet – it’s filling with important/pleasant/decent life-things but the rubber is beginning to creak as max-capacity is being reached. And so, a moment to breathe, to set some intentions, to reflect and make action plans.

<Update: attempt two at relocation, this time she started licking her brother’s face and happily settled in by my feet. My hands: “Freeeeedom!”>


Something you should know about me: I am straight up terrible at relaxing. I wish I was exaggerating/joking/just being-self-righteous. It probably has a sprinkling of self-righteousness in it (the need to be seen as successful/self worth found in results/martyr-complex). However, my main love-language is definitely acts of service and beyond that I LOVE physical labor (I would rather be getting dirty pulling weeds, or daydreaming washing dishes than sitting watching TV.)

Is relaxing as straight forward as a bubble bath with candles? Can you actively relax? Is there anyone out there that relates to ANY of this?? lol

Fullscreen capture 5152015 105348 AM.bmp

When I saw Bee post this on Instagram I knew just how I wanted to take that moment to breathe, pause, clear my mind. I already had (received as a gift) The Secret Garden coloring book on a shelf. What sold me on the idea was Bee mentioning how the intricate patterns seemed intimidating at first, but that it was actually relaxing and therapeutic. Here are the steps I took:


1 Set the space. A clean space truly does wonders to help the mind feel clear. So, even if it’s just a corner of a room, take a few minutes to tidy it. I love having a fresh floor, so vacuuming is nonnegotiable.

2 Use scents. A few essential oil ideas:

  • Put 5-7 drops of your favorite essential oil onto a cotton ball and toss into the vacuum bag. Or place a few drops of essential oil directly on the vacuum bag.
  • Make a SUPER easy DIY carpet deodorizer 
  • Put a few drops of essential oil on a cool light bulb. The heat from the light bulb will release the essential oil into the atmosphere.
  • Put 8-10 drops of essential oil into a bowl of filled with boiled water. In just a few seconds the room will be filled with a pleasant scent.
  • Fill the top of a scentsy warmer with water, add a few drops of essential oil. After a few hours the water will evaporate so watch it.
  • Keep in mind though, that when you heat an oil it looses much of its medicinal properties. So diffusing it is the most effective option.


3 Pick your spot. I wanted to sit cross-legged on the floor, back straight against the couch, because 1) this is a comfortable position for me 2) it helps me to breath properly.

DSC_0183_24  Basic needs. Is it warm, would having a fan blowing softly in the corner feel calming? Are you hungry? Make a healthy snack. For me, it was my sore throat, so I made some organic Yogi Honey Lemon Throat Coat to soothe the discomfort.

5 Unplug. This could mean reading, meditating, or connecting with your childhood 😉 through a coloring book. I definitely will be doing this again.


Fullscreen capture 5152015 121409 PM.bmp


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