Whole Body #003


mouth: this Warm Summer Fruit Salad is a visual feast.

feet: get your doormat ready for summer with this DIY which involves watermelons

hands: drink with two hands.

heart: brings tears to my eyes literally every time I watch this

eyes: how to photograph writing with sparklers

being: I really want try the 30 day minimalism challenge – who’s with me?

skin: self tan with tea?

wrist: a summer-y DIY rope bracelet

hair: quick knotted updo, perfect for a summer picnic by the lake


Baked Oatmeal Recipe


Why I love this breakfast, it’s:

  •  a all-in-one-bowl recipe, easy clean up
  • QUICK to prep and “hands off” just throw it in the oven and do something else
  • nutritional (you can make it with as much or little sweetener as you want, and switch out the maple syrup for a sweetener of your choice)
  • EASY to make DAIRY FREE by substituting cows milk for almond milk. I actually think the subtle, sweet, nuttiness the almond milk adds is a bonus to this dish.
  • GLUTEN FREE if you use gluten-free oats
  • a great “base” recipe, let your imagination expound upon it! Add a mashed banana to the mix? Cocao nibs sprinkled on top? Add chia seeds and flax seed to the batter?
  • breakfast for DAYS if you make a double batch
  • great reheated (yay!)
  • easy to keep it diverse by adding all sorts of toppings and fresh in season fruit you want to keep it diverse

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June To-Do List


  • Make DIY garden bunting
  • Plant said garden
  • Finish reading a “If You Find This Letter” by Hannah Brencher
  • Use my potted herbs in my cooking. Mmm…fresh herbs!
  • Try at least 6 new hair styles (one, …)
  • Stain our deck
  • Learn The Last Goodbye on piano
  • It’s summer! Make a fruit salad with cinnamon chips (probably minus sugar substitute butter for coconut oil)
  • Eat on the deck, often.
  • Prepare pictures for my next round of Project Life printing (yup still haven’t finished this)
  • Be more consistent with blogging
  • Buy these beauties?