My 3 Favorite Summer Hairstyles

olxalove (3)olxalove (1)

olxalove (2)This is my idea of a quintessentially summer hairstyle. Hairstyle #1 takes a little more time, but it’s like muscle memory, every time it gets quicker & easier.

My hair can’t seem to do a cute topknot ever. It’s just unreliable that way πŸ˜‰ So when hairstyle #2 entered my life hallelujah choruses went off in my head. It. Is. So. Simple. And secure as well, no slippy-slidey saggy bun halfway through the day.

I have gotten so quick at doing hairstyle #3Β that it legitimately can replace my standby ponytail-halfway-pulled-through-so-it-makes-a-slumpy-loop. I freaking love this hairstyle!


p.s. check out my tresses Pinterest board for more hairspiration πŸ˜‰



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