My Current Skincare Routine | Summer 2015

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I remember at a very young age mixing together yogurt and lemon face masks and using toothpaste <inward groan!!> on pimples.  That DIY spirit is still a strong part of how I approach skincare; simplistic as possible, a love for multi-tasking products. But I’ve added to that years of research fueled by a fascination for skincare. So the choices regarding what I put on my skin are a wee more sophisticated and educated these days.

However, a continual curiosity means that I have a hard time sticking with things for long because I get excited about different possibilities. In  my early twenties my skincare often changed monthly! But I’ve gained more fortitude (lol) and learned to change things one at a time and give myself a chance to truly see what something does for my skin. This regimen has a mixture of long standing (we’re talking years) items and some which I’ve only been trying out for a month+.


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DIY CLEANSER: Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey + NOW Vegetable Glycerin + Dr. Bronners Castille Soap with Peppermint

This cleanser contains two items I absolutely never thought I would let near my face, but I’ve been using it for over a month and it has completely changed the landscape of my skin! However, there is just FAR TOO MUCH to explain about it (how/why I came up with it // benefits/properties of each item // how they work together // how I make it //how I use it) so I’m going to have to write a separate post dedicated solely to it. #verysoonipromise

This is what I wash my face with every night.   

ANDALOU NATURALS 1000 ROSES CLEANSER: “foaming” and “sensitive skin” are not two things I thought could go together, but this cleanser is proving me wrong. It contains ingredients such as rosewater, aloe vera, pomegranate and hyaluronic acid to gently cleanse/keep pores clear, but also retain moisture/protect the skin barrier. Which is exactly what I’m looking for in a cleanser. Because if I go too far the “cleansing” route my skin freaks out, dries out, and breaks out, but if I go too far the “moisturizing” route my pores clog up , and my skin texture because a field of painful breakouts and enlarged pores.

I use this in the shower every morning. It leaves my skin clean-feeling, but not tight. A good match for my summer skin (when my normal skin leans more oily) but I imagine that in winter I would only be able to use this 1 to 2 times a week or maybe not at all. For someone with true normal skin or oily skin I actually think this would be a great match! And drier skinned people might be pleasantly surprised by it.

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FLYING BIRD BOTANICALS SHEA BUTTER: I don’t have an eye cream right now (actually, I feel like eye creams might be gimmicky. Why are they so freaking expensive? And do they really do anything? I understand the skin around the eyes is delicate but how does that translate to $45, $78, $159? My $7 oil seems to keep things in shape. But I guess only time will tell, eh? Please tell me!!! What are you thoughts/experiences with eye creams?).

This old faithful jar of shea butter does a nice job of keeping things plump and happy. However, it’s a tad heavy for summer, so I only use it occasionally. Plus my husband isn’t crazy about the smokey smell (I like it), so I’m open to finding something else. But I’ll always have a jar of it on hand though (especially in winter) – shea is just so buttery and healing for the skin. Make sure you get raw though.

KIMBERLY SAYER MOISTURIZER WITH SPF 30: This is my third bottle of this stuff. I freaking heart-eyes LOVE it. (Read all the deets about it in this post) It is currently my day time and night time moisturizer. But I would really like to find a separate night time moisturizer.

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DIY ALOE VERA WATER + ROSEWATER TONER: This is a 50/50 mixture of Heritage Store Rosewater and George’s Always Active Aloe Vera Water. It’s a perfect match for my skin. The rosewater gently tones and tightens pores, while the aloe calms the skin and is a humectant. Interestingly, I’ve used both of these on their own, off and on for years, but was always left unimpressed – crazy that together they are so stellar!

I like using this toner in the morning after I wash my face. Give the face a thorough spray over, allow to dry completely as I brush my teeth (or whatever), and (here’s my favorite part) once dry I put on my moisturizer and my palms glide over my skin like it’s polished marble! This toner has helped my skin texture so much! Initially I was using it every day (been using it for almost two months) and I’ve now moved to using it every other/every couple days.

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NOW MOROCCAN RED CLAY POWDER: I have a love/hate relationship with this clay (that I use as a mask). Even though it says it’s for sensitive skin I don’t agree. Here’s the deal: I can only use this mask when my skin is in a very specific state, and even then only use it for a very specific task.

This mask is GREAT at specifically clearing out clogged pores (black heads) and tightening enlarged pores. But I can only use it on oily, unbroken skin. My skin is most often in a state of dry areas, clogged pores that are not black heads, active acne, irritated skin. I DO NOT use this mask on skin that is in that state, the results are not pretty (dry, dry, dry skin, broken skin on acne that was trying to heal, very rough skin texture, which then translates to more clogged pores and worse break outs).

Bottom line: if you have oilier skin and your main issue is black heads and/or enlarged pores (or if you have occasional problem areas like me) give this mask a try. It is SO CHEAP! And it is SO clean (it’s just the one ingredient: red clay) and it is VERY effective at that task.

ANDALOU NATURALS 1000 ROSES MOROCCAN BEAUTY OIL: I have never used a face oil with this texture. It is so light, it disappears into the skin – no “oily” feeling whatsoever or “waiting for it to sink in”. And oh, lordy, does it smell lovely! Initially I thought maybe it would become my night time moisturizer, but it’s just a little too much for my skin to use on a nightly basis. So now I treat it as an occasional overnight moisture “mask” when my skin feels like it needs some extra glow oomph.

ANDALOU NATURALS PUMPKIN HONEY GLYCOLIC MASK: This is my favorite mask I have EVER TRIED. I plan on doing a full post on it when I’ve used it for longer. It’s a “brightening” mask and after using it my skin feels refreshed. Like getting new skin, soft, smooth, calmed. I use it once a week/two weeks.

COCOVIT COCONUT OIL: I put this in the “treatments” section, but it’s a multipurpose product. I use it to take off my makeup and it works SO well for that, and bonus, it leaves the skin around my eyes nourished. The reason it’s in this section is because it has aided in my lashes growing long! Nothing else to my knowledge (diet or skincare) has changed so I give credit to this beauty. I like to rub a tiny bit on my ring fingers and use the sides of the fingers in the motion of a mascara wand to apply a coating of oil on my lashes to leave on overnight. When I stop the results slowly go away, and when I start again long, less-shedding lashes return. It’s kind of magic.

WARNING: Be careful you don’t coat with too much oil! A year ago (using a different oil) I was putting so much on that the oil was beading up on my lashes and sliding down in beads to the root of my lashes. And this caused a VERY VERY painful sty that lasted weeks.



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