DIY Honey Facial Cleanser


After experimenting with a few different store bought “gentle” facial cleansers my skin was left as a dry, irritated, acne-filled, enlarged pored mess. So, I did what I always do and concoct a DIY cleanser tailored to my skin’s immediate needs which was calming it down (not stripping any of my skins natural oil-barrier) but also highly antibacterial to aid with the rampant, unhappy acne.

SIDE NOTE: I suggest for anyone, not just people with sensitive or dry skin, to beware of stripping products. Messing with your skins natural acid mantle can lead to overly oily skin, dry skin, acne, sensitive skin, dermatitis and premature aging. (read more about what the acid mantle is and why it’s important)

SIDE NOTE AGAIN: Your skin’s PH level is incredibly important, so please do research before you use HIGHLY acid things like lemon juice or HIGHLY alkaline things like baking soda on your skin. Just because it’s “natural” and “DIY” does not mean you’re doing your skin any favors.


So, with those skincare needs in mind I gathered THREE ingredients and made a face wash that I used all summer long. Within only 2 or so days my skin was dramatically better, and then became clear and happy. Yay!


Manuke (or raw) honey + vegetable glycerin + liquid castile soap

HONEY: is a skin super star. It’s ideal for acneic skin because of its antibacterial properties, but is also a humectant (meaning it helps draw and retain moisture, to keep your skin supple and calm). Raw honey is sufficient, but I prefer manuka honey because it is more soothing/moisturing to my slightly drier-prone skin plus it is MUCH higher in antibacterial propertiers. Manuka honey can be bought in medical grade and studies have shown that is capable of killing strains of anti-biotic-resistant bacteria and viruses!

VEGETABLE GLYCERIN: helps retain moisture by creating a barrier on the skin (however, it will pull moisture from whatever is available to it so don’t use it alone on dry skin!). This ingredient is optional, but I found optimal results when added it instead of skipping it.

LIQUID CASTILE SOAP: I used Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap in Lavender (decanted into a glass dropper bottle so I could easily control how much I used at a time). Castille soap is incredibly multipurpose soap that is a eco-friendly, fair trade, non-GMO, contains no colorants, additives or harsh chemicals! I had never thought my sensitive skin would do well with castile soap, but it offered just the right amount of cleansing when mixed with the former ingredients.

how to use

  1. Lightly wet face with warm water (if you have too much water the honey will basically “slide off” so don’t use too much)
  2. In your palm put:
    • quarter to silver dollar (does anyone even know what those look like anymore? I feel old) size amount of honey
    • a dime size amount of glycerin
    • 3 -4 drops of castile soap (this stuff is POTENT, you do not need much)
  3. Mix together between two palms and massage into face.
  4. Wash off with warm water.

NOTE: this does not make a good eye makeup remover. Remove this separately before hand (I use an oil)


UPDATE: I am no longer using this face wash since the cooler autumn weather has settled in (though I imagine someone with oily skin could maybe get away with using it even in the winter). I will be posting a FULL UPDATED CURRENT skincare routine very soon sharing what I am currently using.

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