Current Wishlist | 01

For whatever reason I’m drawn to reading peoples’ “wishlist” posts. Maybe for the fact that no money is involved so there are no bounds to exploring and inspiration.

This isn’t a “shopping list,” but rather a collection of items I’ve discovered which have piqued my interest.

    1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: my goodness, these have been on my radar for years. Their design is supposed to give superior curl with lasting power.
    2. Lotus Flower Essential Oil Diffuser Locket: the benefits of aromatherapy is intriguing to me, and I’ve heard good things about this brand.
    3. Handmade Whale Stuffed Animal: Oh my gosh! I feel the instant need to curl up and cuddle this guy! He’d make an adorable addition to my coming little one’s nursery.
    4. BEAUTYCOUNTER Skin Tint: This is a beeeautifully formulated tinted moisturizer with a great rating on the EWG, and a significant fan following (including Lauren Conrad!)wishlist-002
    5. Essential Oil Diffuser: as aforementioned I’m finally starting to do real research on EOs, but even just having a diffuser as a humidifier during the winter, making the house smell lovely, sounds great.
    6. Be Kind banner: want this hanging on the wall in the nursery, a reminder to my heart, something to enact and teach.
    7. Bobby Pin print: so simple and cute. Would love to hang it in my bathroom for just a touch of “girly”
    8. The All Natural Face Vegan Matte Cream Blushes: I own two colors (which made it into my 2014 Favorites, and I use in my Everyday Spring Makeup Look) and want to own more because they remain the best blushes I’ve ever used (very pigmented and unreal staying power).wishlist-003wishlist-004
    9. Lindsey Stirling on Vinyl: gah, I love this girl. (I shared one of my favorites songs in my last playlist)
    10. Laurel Eye Balm: I am definitely an eye balm girl (no oils, serums or lotions for me) and this one seems like the “queen of them all” to me. Would love to test it out someday.
    11. House Slippers: I don’t really know why I’ve gone so many winters in Michigan walking around on cold tile and wood floors and not thought to get a pair of slippers (!!)
    12. Instagram Photo Magnets: We need more magnets, and how personal and gorgeous are these? love it.
    13. Evanhealy Hydrosoul: ever since holistichabits talked about hydrosols I have wanted to partake.
    14. Supermarket Healthy: the tag line for the book is “Recipes and Know-How for Eating Well Without Spending a Lot” and it delivers! Full of tips, gorgeous pictures, and realistic yummy looking recipes. I borrowed it from our library but would like my own copy.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these things! What’s on your wishlist?


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