My Favorite Haircare Product

I haven’t loved my hair this much…maybe ever. It’s the longest it’s ever been, healthy and <gasp> shiny! Some of that love comes with the territory of growing older, and finally learning to “work with what I’ve got” instead of languishing after something else. And as I reminisce on my hair and my relationship through the years, oh the things I’ve done to it, the experiments I’ve tried, the fights I’ve had, and it makes it all the MORE surprising what item has become my number one favorite product.  


Because I have tried so many, many methods and types of oils on my hair and it has proven nothing but disastrous in the past. Coconut oil that I have to shampoo four times just to get out, avocado oil to tame fly-aways that immediately makes my hair flat and deflated. I’ve tried overnight treatments. Just on the ends. Light oils. The smallest amounts, or maybe the sweet spot is a heavy duty treatment every couple weeks? No? no.

I’ve done the rounds, people. And for my fine hair (though not thin, meaning each strand is small, and smooth but I have a fair amount of them) oil has never been a good fit. Confession time: being part of the green beauty community, and feeling this way towards hair oils felt…shameful, like I should keep my true feelings underwraps, or I wouldn’t be part of the club somehow! lol

I’ve never seen shine as a result. I’ve never felt softness as a result, repair, strengthening. Nothing.

Perhaps you’ve had more luck than I. But whether you are reading this as a hair oil virgin, hair oil hater, hair oil lover or somewhere in between I want to share with you the oil that’s changed my hair!


In fact, I mentioned it on my instagram months ago as a new oil I was testing out for my face! It’s Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil. I am not exaggerating when I say it’s the lightest textured oil I’ve ever felt, it absorbs into the skin incredibly fast.

On a night where I am going to wash my hair in the morning (usually every 2-3 days), before I braid my hair for bed, I rub a dime-size amount between my palms and evenly distribute throughout my ends (i.e. ears and downward), extra goes on the roots. And every so often I do a full pipette on each half of my hair through the ends, and some massaged into the roots for an all over “deep treatment.”

When the oil is on my hair still feels nice. Nothing remotely like putting olive or coconut oil in my hair which made it feel saturated, heavy and, well, oily.

And did I mention that I just shampoo my hair AS USUAL in the morning?! No extra fuss getting it out, or worse, the unpleasant shock of not getting the oil all out and having stringy hair. Nope, and after using it faithfully for about a month and a half my hair is NOTICEABLY shinier and softer. (note: I mentioned this oil briefly in an instagram post, and while I was enjoying the experience of using it, I stopped using it (you know, life, busy) within a week or so, and at that point didn’t get to see the full results on my hair. So thankful I decided to pick it back up!)

By the way, if anyone is interested in a full updated hair care routine just let me know.

Do you like hair oils? I’d love to hear your experience!


I am not affiliated with this company, all opinions, as always, are honest and my own.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Haircare Product

  1. Do you think pregnancy has anything to do with your hair’s current condition? I personally have never noticed a dramatic change, but I know some people find their hair changes for the better due to pregnancy hormones.


    • Good question! I have considered that, but the effects of shininess/softness go away when I forget to use the oil. And other oils (olive, avocado, etc.) still feel as heavy and yucky as before so I don’t think it’s that my hair is “soaking up” the oil differently due to pregnancy -if that was even possible lol. The only difference in my hair that I think is due to pregnancy is that I lose a lot less of it, so it feels slightly thicker which is SO NICE! 😉


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