3 Tips for Applying Facial Oils for Maximum Benefits

3tipsforapplying facialoils_olexalovenumberoneThis has 100% changed how my skin reacts to oils! An oil I was using a month before which broke me out and did nothing “extra” for my skin texture or tone suddenly was leaving my skin supple, balanced, soothed and NOT breaking out. I just apply two drops after washing my face when my skin is still damp or, alternatively, spray my face with a facial mist (I like pure aloe or rose water) to dampen. This application will also ensure NO tugging on the skin and the oil will hold that extra water on the skin and help the skin to rebalance itself faster.

numbertwoThe perennial concern is that using an oil will cause breakouts. And while this can happen, my experience is that a breakout is almost always caused by using an inappropriate/incompatible oil for your particular skin (TIP: don’t know where to start? Take a look at different oils comedogenicity ratings or this list of oils for different skin types.) However my issue was that I was simply using TOO MUCH of the right thing! When I applied it to dry skin I had to use more oil to be able to get it over my skin. It left an “oily feel.” I wasn’t a fan.

If you’ve had trouble with oils in the past perhaps try using less. Usually 2 to 3 drops is more than enough and some rich oils (such as rosehip) I use literally 1 drop!

This also eliminates the “oily feel” because you are putting on exactly what your skin can absorb, keeping it balanced, so long as you…

numberthreeIn order to gain the full benefits an oil can provide (nutrients, antioxidents, fatty acids, etc.) to your skin you must take a moment to massage it in. I’m not talking 15 minutes – in fact the small amount of oil I use is usually fully worked into the skin in about 30 seconds (TIP: make sure to only press the oil around the delicate eye area).

Like I mentioned in the beginning following these 3 tips resulted in a facial oil that previously slightly broke my skin out, and did nothing for tone or texture into the most rejuvinating thing my skin has experienced in a long long time! My husband tells me all the time how “healthy my skin looks.”

If you have any other facial oil tips please share them in the comments!


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