I am so excited to be sharing this “home & beauty” green giveaway project that I have been secretly working on! It’s a collaboration with truly wonderful people and brands, and my way of saying thank you from the bottom of my heart, for joining me, sharing your thoughts, for being part of the olexaLOVE community. ❤

Here is what is included in the GIVEAWAY….

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Life Update + An Unusual Way to Relax

Currently my Tesla is insistent on placing herself directly on my lap, draping her cat chin, paws, body on as much real-estate of arms/hands as she can manage. This is making typing (or even reaching my laptop) rather difficult but I’ve sat down to write a life update. So I shall try. <update: put her by my feet, she has returned>DSC_0218

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3 Easy Snow Day Activities


I nanny.

That sentence could be followed by a myriad of things! But one of them is that it means I am constantly tapping into my creative side – especially on a day where I am surprised (or maybe not so surprised) upon shaking off my boots/coats/mittens/body in the foyer to find I am not caring for my (usual) one charge, but all four due to a snow day and no school. Here are 3 super easy, very-few-items-needed, lengthy-entertainment activities that I used that day: Continue reading