My Favorite Haircare Product

I haven’t loved my hair this much…maybe ever. It’s the longest it’s ever been, healthy and <gasp> shiny! Some of that love comes with the territory of growing older, and finally learning to “work with what I’ve got” instead of languishing after something else. And as I reminisce on my hair and my relationship through the years, oh the things I’ve done to it, the experiments I’ve tried, the fights I’ve had, and it makes it all the MORE surprising what item has become my number one favorite product.  

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My Current Hair Care Routine | Winter 2015

winter_haircare_olexalove (5)

I debated whether it would be “hip” to post a winter routine – given that it is March and most of the internet world is geeking over spring. But the fact is, my scalp/hair are still very much in winter-fuzzy-dry-land. Michigan’s weather is currently crunchy snow + muddle puddles + cool winds + sunshine (yay!) = winter hair care routine still going strong, ladies and gentlemen! Continue reading

Whole Body #001


neck: need a unique way to wear a scarf?

ears: This is what listening to just 50 minutes of uplifting music can do….

head: get on my bed now!

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2014 Favorites

It was fun scrounging through my cabinets (drawers/desk/purse, etc.) and methodically determining what items have stood out from the past 365 days of life. True, not nearly as important as the lessons, heart-changes, treasured sights and sounds and tastes and people but nevertheless a fun list to generate. A year encapsulated in things…favorites_of_2014_title Continue reading

hair tea & banana pancakes

DSC_0918_3A luxurious winter morning to myself. What shall I endeavor?

1) Cuddles with kitties in bed, snuggled under piles of blankets. Play a few rounds on my phone of Trivia Crack with my brothers and feel really good about myself that I know who invented bifocals and who wrote Ivan Hoe. Continue reading