Current Wishlist | 01

For whatever reason I’m drawn to reading peoples’ “wishlist” posts. Maybe for the fact that no money is involved so there are no bounds to exploring and inspiration.

This isn’t a “shopping list,” but rather a collection of items I’ve discovered which have piqued my interest.
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Resurrection Sunday DIY Banner


This year it is hard to keep my heart remotely focused on Jesus and his last days leading up to the cross.

That wasn’t the sentence I was going to lead with, but as I scraped my soul for a “festive”, holy way to expound upon this DIY project I came up empty. Continue reading

15 Quick Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Maybe the budget is a wee tight but you want to add a little zest to your living space. Maybe you’re in a slight inspiration/motivation slump but want to get the creative juices flowing again. Sometimes it just takes one small change.

1. Make it smell lovely!

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