Current Wishlist | 01

For whatever reason I’m drawn to reading peoples’ “wishlist” posts. Maybe for the fact that no money is involved so there are no bounds to exploring and inspiration.

This isn’t a “shopping list,” but rather a collection of items I’ve discovered which have piqued my interest.
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Life Update + An Unusual Way to Relax

Currently my Tesla is insistent on placing herself directly on my lap, draping her cat chin, paws, body on as much real-estate of arms/hands as she can manage. This is making typing (or even reaching my laptop) rather difficult but I’ve sat down to write a life update. So I shall try. <update: put her by my feet, she has returned>DSC_0218

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Dairy-Free Berry Banana Bread Recipe


The brown bananas had been staring at me for days and after a particularly long work day, I decided what the Olexa household needed was some warm, sumptuous banana bread. However, there were two things to combat: 1) I can’t use butter (my system & dairy do NOT get along) and 2) bananas are okay (meh, their star quality -in my opinion- is the moistness/sweetness they provide) but for my taste buds to be truly jumping for joy something more needed to be going on. Continue reading

My Evening | In 5 Pictures

DSC_0640_2_2 DSC_0648_2 DSC_0653_2 DSC_0660_2 DSC_0664_2


still adjusting to life changes, cozy to be in the same room together at the end of the day // cuddle companions, Tesla ever-miffed at my paparazzi-ing  // warm-from-the-oven banana berry bread (recipe of my own invention), eaten with honey butter and licked fingers // an old favorite revisited, unsure of what I think of this new season // little 45 received in the mail, played over and over, Béatrice Martin in my living room.

Whole Body #001


neck: need a unique way to wear a scarf?

ears: This is what listening to just 50 minutes of uplifting music can do….

head: get on my bed now!

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What’s In My Purse

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