Middle Dune GIVEAWAY!


After all-day sickness had solidly set in, miserable nausea and generally feeling like crap….it was difficult to feel excited about pregnancy. Instead it just felt like my body failing me. I had no cute bump (and wouldn’t for weeeeeeeks lol), no knowledge of what lay ahead me. It was hard to connect the dots emotionally to the fact that a BRAND NEW LIFE was growing inside me.

That all changed.

With a heart beat. Continue reading

Chia Seed Jam


DSC_0476_2I think this recipe is in my life to stay. It is THREE ingredients, yes, three. It’s a nutrient-dense alternative to conventional jams which are often loaded with refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, even dyes. And, did I mention that it’s simple? πŸ™‚Β (Side note: In fact, I think this would be a great activity/recipe to make with kids). Continue reading

3 Easy Snow Day Activities


I nanny.

That sentence could be followed by a myriad of things! But one of them is that it means I am constantly tapping into my creative side – especially on a day where I am surprised (or maybe not so surprised) upon shaking off my boots/coats/mittens/body in the foyer to find I am not caring for my (usual) one charge, but all four due to a snow day and no school. Here are 3 super easy, very-few-items-needed, lengthy-entertainment activities that I used that day: Continue reading