I am so excited to be sharing this “home & beauty” green giveaway project that I have been secretly working on! It’s a collaboration with truly wonderful people and brands, and my way of saying thank you from the bottom of my heart, for joining me, sharing your thoughts, for being part of the olexaLOVE community. ❤

Here is what is included in the GIVEAWAY….

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My Current Skincare Routine | Summer 2015

olexa_love_skincare_routine (20)

I remember at a very young age mixing together yogurt and lemon face masks and using toothpaste <inward groan!!> on pimples.  That DIY spirit is still a strong part of how I approach skincare; simplistic as possible, a love for multi-tasking products. But I’ve added to that years of research fueled by a fascination for skincare. So the choices regarding what I put on my skin are a wee more sophisticated and educated these days. Continue reading

Whole Body #003


mouth: this Warm Summer Fruit Salad is a visual feast.

feet: get your doormat ready for summer with this DIY which involves watermelons

hands: drink with two hands.

heart: brings tears to my eyes literally every time I watch this

eyes: how to photograph writing with sparklers

being: I really want try the 30 day minimalism challenge – who’s with me?

skin: self tan with tea?

wrist: a summer-y DIY rope bracelet

hair: quick knotted updo, perfect for a summer picnic by the lake


Baked Oatmeal Recipe


Why I love this breakfast, it’s:

  •  a all-in-one-bowl recipe, easy clean up
  • QUICK to prep and “hands off” just throw it in the oven and do something else
  • nutritional (you can make it with as much or little sweetener as you want, and switch out the maple syrup for a sweetener of your choice)
  • EASY to make DAIRY FREE by substituting cows milk for almond milk. I actually think the subtle, sweet, nuttiness the almond milk adds is a bonus to this dish.
  • GLUTEN FREE if you use gluten-free oats
  • a great “base” recipe, let your imagination expound upon it! Add a mashed banana to the mix? Cocao nibs sprinkled on top? Add chia seeds and flax seed to the batter?
  • breakfast for DAYS if you make a double batch
  • great reheated (yay!)
  • easy to keep it diverse by adding all sorts of toppings and fresh in season fruit you want to keep it diverse

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June To-Do List


  • Make DIY garden bunting
  • Plant said garden
  • Finish reading a “If You Find This Letter” by Hannah Brencher
  • Use my potted herbs in my cooking. Mmm…fresh herbs!
  • Try at least 6 new hair styles (one, …)
  • Stain our deck
  • Learn The Last Goodbye on piano
  • It’s summer! Make a fruit salad with cinnamon chips (probably minus sugar substitute butter for coconut oil)
  • Eat on the deck, often.
  • Prepare pictures for my next round of Project Life printing (yup still haven’t finished this)
  • Be more consistent with blogging
  • Buy these beauties?

Life Update + An Unusual Way to Relax

Currently my Tesla is insistent on placing herself directly on my lap, draping her cat chin, paws, body on as much real-estate of arms/hands as she can manage. This is making typing (or even reaching my laptop) rather difficult but I’ve sat down to write a life update. So I shall try. <update: put her by my feet, she has returned>DSC_0218

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