I am so excited to be sharing this “home & beauty” green giveaway project that I have been secretly working on! It’s a collaboration with truly wonderful people and brands, and my way of saying thank you from the bottom of my heart, for joining me, sharing your thoughts, for being part of the olexaLOVE community. ❀

Here is what is included in the GIVEAWAY….

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My Current Skincare Routine | Summer 2015

olexa_love_skincare_routine (20)

I remember at a very young age mixing together yogurt and lemon face masks and using toothpaste <inward groan!!> on pimples. Β That DIY spirit is still a strong part of how I approach skincare; simplistic as possible, a love for multi-tasking products. But I’ve added to that years of research fueled by a fascination for skincare. So the choices regarding what I put on my skin are a wee more sophisticated and educated these days. Continue reading

My Current Hair Care Routine | Winter 2015

winter_haircare_olexalove (5)

I debated whether it would be “hip” to post a winter routine – given that it is March and most of the internet world is geeking over spring. But the fact is, my scalp/hair are still very much in winter-fuzzy-dry-land. Michigan’s weather is currently crunchy snow + muddle puddles + cool winds + sunshine (yay!) = winter hair care routine still going strong, ladies and gentlemen! Continue reading