My Favorite Haircare Product

I haven’t loved my hair this much…maybe ever. It’s the longest it’s ever been, healthy and <gasp> shiny! Some of that love comes with the territory of growing older, and finally learning to “work with what I’ve got” instead of languishing after something else. And as I reminisce on my hair and my relationship through the years, oh the things I’ve done to it, the experiments I’ve tried, the fights I’ve had, and it makes it all the MORE surprising what item has become my number one favorite product.  

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I am so excited to be sharing this “home & beauty” green giveaway project that I have been secretly working on! It’s a collaboration with truly wonderful people and brands, and my way of saying thank you from the bottom of my heart, for joining me, sharing your thoughts, for being part of the olexaLOVE community. ❤

Here is what is included in the GIVEAWAY….

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My Favorite YouTube Channels

I remember how I entered into the land of YouTube and discovered that it was more than music videos. I was sitting in the car, feet on the dashboard, windows rolled down, waiting for my husband to come out of Kroger from a quick grocery run.

My mascara was dead and I needed to purchase a new one but doing so had always felt like such a shot in the dark. So, for no apparent reason, I typed something about mascaras (don’t remember what) into YouTube and I stumbled across this video which I thought was adorable and quite entertaining (p.s. yes, I started watching Nikki Phillippi pre-blonde hair ;)) and I fell in love with a world that loved talking about beauty. skincare and lifestyle.

Here are six YouTubers who have been at the top of my favorites list for a long time:

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My Everyday Makeup | Spring Edition

Perhaps I should start with: my relationship with makeup is in the love/hate category.

I thoroughly enjoy how a brush-blend of blush can liven up the entire face, or how mascara can give an alluring definition to my eyes. But oh, how I dislike fighting with my eyeliner, or fastidiously getting the correct coverage of concealer, or “did I blend this eye shadow too high/not high enough??” And most of the time I can’t be bothered to reapply my lip color <makeup enthusiasts everywhere gasp> 😉

All that to say: I am a fan of the simple no-makeup makeup looks, and this spring-inspired, blush-hued look has been a favorite of mine recently.

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