Current Wishlist | 01

For whatever reason I’m drawn to reading peoples’ “wishlist” posts. Maybe for the fact that no money is involved so there are no bounds to exploring and inspiration.

This isn’t a “shopping list,” but rather a collection of items I’ve discovered which have piqued my interest.
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My Favorite YouTube Channels

I remember how I entered into the land of YouTube and discovered that it was more than music videos. I was sitting in the car, feet on the dashboard, windows rolled down, waiting for my husband to come out of Kroger from a quick grocery run.

My mascara was dead and I needed to purchase a new one but doing so had always felt like such a shot in the dark. So, for no apparent reason, I typed something about mascaras (don’t remember what) into YouTube and I stumbled across this videoΒ which I thought was adorable and quite entertainingΒ (p.s. yes, I started watching Nikki Phillippi pre-blonde hair ;))Β and I fell in love with a world that loved talking about beauty. skincare and lifestyle.

Here are six YouTubers who have been at the top of my favorites list for a long time:

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