My Current Skincare Routine | Summer 2015

olexa_love_skincare_routine (20)

I remember at a very young age mixing together yogurt and lemon face masks and using toothpaste <inward groan!!> on pimples. Β That DIY spirit is still a strong part of how I approach skincare; simplistic as possible, a love for multi-tasking products. But I’ve added to that years of research fueled by a fascination for skincare. So the choices regarding what I put on my skin are a wee more sophisticated and educated these days. Continue reading

Whole Body #002


nails: make your polish last longer with only one item.

hands: a method to make aΒ wedding bouquet last forever.

eyes: dear photograph

ears: DIY ear cuff Continue reading

My Current Hair Care Routine | Winter 2015

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I debated whether it would be “hip” to post a winter routine – given that it is March and most of the internet world is geeking over spring. But the fact is, my scalp/hair are still very much in winter-fuzzy-dry-land. Michigan’s weather is currently crunchy snow + muddle puddles + cool winds + sunshine (yay!) = winter hair care routine still going strong, ladies and gentlemen! Continue reading

Chia Seed Jam


DSC_0476_2I think this recipe is in my life to stay. It is THREE ingredients, yes, three. It’s a nutrient-dense alternative to conventional jams which are often loaded with refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, even dyes. And, did I mention that it’s simple? πŸ™‚Β (Side note: In fact, I think this would be a great activity/recipe to make with kids). Continue reading